Empty boxes needed!

Welcome back! It has been wonderful hearing about all the adventures the students had with you on their holidays.

This term, our Science Unit is ‘Dinosaurs and More’. For this subject, students will require an empty shoe box (or similar) to create a diorama. Please send one to school with your child by the end of this week. If you’re having a Spring clean, I’m sure others would appreciate a spare box!!

Thank for your help,

Tessa Horkings

Concert Tonight!

The classroom will be open at 5:45 for a 6:15 start. Children are required to wear their costumes to school including props and be in the classroom no later than 5:45.

We are very excited and look forward to seeing you there :)!

Protective Behaviours

We all have the right to feel safe, all of the time. This Term, as part of our Protective Behaviours Unit, we have been working on identifying feelings and strategies for keeping ourselves safe.

When our bodies are giving us early warning signs, maybe something isn’t quite right. It is important to talk to someone you know and trust.

We read a made up story about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and discussed what physical changes our bodies go through when we don’t feel safe. We added strategies to our video that we can use to help us stay safe.

E Papa Waiari

Today, we made music sticks because we watched a traditional song and dance from a school in a New Zealand community. We learnt how to move with the song and it was funny. The adults and children sang. They all had the same coloured sticks but we decorated ours with different mauri patterns. They did the actions with a partner. They started by tapping the sticks. At the end they all put their sticks down in a square. They didn’t sing in the same language as us.