Weekend Conversation

This term we have been learning about Communities. This weekend, students have been asked to question what their families/friends think ‘community’ means and discuss with you something that is ‘puzzling’ to them about the local communities. For example, today our puzzling question was, “Are there farms in our community?”. During the term, we will explore these questions as part of our Inquiry Unit. Thank you for helping your child discuss their ideas for these big questions!

Have a fun weekend,

Mrs Horkings

Swimming Again Tomorrow 28/7 :-)

Well done to all our little Nemo’s on another session in the pool today! We have had some avid photographers on the poolside each day, capturing the life skills being taught. I shall print some and send them home with your child to share with you.

Image result for nemo quotes


After Jog-a-thon, the students reflected on their race. We created this pattern together…

Here are some of the things they were proud of:
“I am proud I finished!”
“I am proud I made it to the checkpoints!”
“I am proud I kept trying!”


Congratulations to everyone for completing the course today – I’m so proud of 1D! More photos to come soon…

When completed, please bring back the fundraising forms 🙂

Thank you to all those who have helped sponsor the students, donated, or cheered us on!

Important Message: Reading @ MMPS

Dear Parents,
Over the past year we have been working very hard to use current research and best practice to evaluate and develop our own Word Study and Spelling program. It has been very exciting and beneficial for staff and students. This is still an on-going process, and we hope to continue to learn and grow together. Our next focus area is Reading and we would like to begin by involving our parents, teachers and students in the review process. Below is a Parent Survey about reading. Please take a few minutes to complete it as the information we gather will be very beneficial when shaping our future programs.


New Swimming Times

Hi Parents,

There is a slight change to our swimming times. 1D will now depart the school for swimming at 11:30 o’clock instead of 11:45. If you are helping with the bus run please make sure you meet us at the front of the school no later than 11:30. A current copy of your WWCC is required at the office for all events if you are able to assist. The lesson will run from 12:00-12:30.

Mrs. Horkings


Today we wrote a recount of our swimming adventures at Kings. They are on display if you are able to pop in! A big thank you to all parents who were able to assist on site and to those who were able to visit during the session. Although exhausted, everyone did a marvellous job kicking, blowing bubbles, collecting discs and learning new strokes!

Also, a reminder to please ensure all items of clothing are named before the next session tomorrow.

‘Just keep swimming…’ – Finding Nemo

Swimming Term 3

Dear Parents,

Swimming begins in Term 3 as part of our inquiry into the local community. The program runs during weeks 1,2 and 3. Our dates and times have been finalised as Thursday and Friday, leaving promptly at 11:45 and departing the pool at 1:00 to arrive back at school at 1:15. I will need one parent helper each day. If you are available at that time please come and see me in person. A working with children’s check is essential (please provide a copy to the office). This is usually a very popular excursion so please come and see me or notify me ASAP, if you are available!

Enjoy your holidays,
Mrs Horkings

Catching Up With Our Buddies

Last week, Year 3 visited 1D to help us make our juggling balls. We had a ‘ball’!

First we put rice in the balloon. Then we cut and stretched 2 more balloons over the top to decorate them. Measuring the rice and stretching the balloons was really tricky! However, we were successful because we persisted even though it wasn’t easy.  Afterwards, we enjoyed having a go at throwing them on the oval…

Thank you to our buddies for helping us.