Science Night

Here are some pictures from our wonderful, magical night of Science!

Thank you to those who could attend and to the parents/carers for visiting as well. We hope you enjoyed the evening!


Weekend Home Learning Discussions

  1. We are talking about communities. Can you please help us with our Inquiry work by making a comment below with your ideas to help us.
  • What is a community?
  • What is your favourite place in the Mount Martha community?
  • What people help us in our community?
  • What is your favourite thing to do in the community?

2. Can you help me find an array? We are looking for items in the house that we can keep adding to make rows. For example, 4 rows of 2 chairs. I need to draw my findings.

Thanks for your help!



Yesterday, made pictures of the AFL and the olden days (Mangrook) with 1C.  We used all different coloured oil pastels. Our final pieces looked beautiful and great!

From 1D


Weekend Conversation

This term we have been learning about Communities. This weekend, students have been asked to question what their families/friends think ‘community’ means and discuss with you something that is ‘puzzling’ to them about the local communities. For example, today our puzzling question was, “Are there farms in our community?”. During the term, we will explore these questions as part of our Inquiry Unit. Thank you for helping your child discuss their ideas for these big questions!

Have a fun weekend,

Mrs Horkings